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Thread: TZ7 or TZ10

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    Will be going away on the 22nd & have been looking into buying a TZ7, my old camera was a Exilim EX-Z70.

    Just wondering if ishould hold out a few days more for the TZ10 or save myself a 100 or so and get the TZ7 instead? i mean is it really worth it just for the GPS which im not really fussed about.

    Theres TZ7's on ebay atm selling for around 190 with a 8GB card, i believe these are the US versions that does not have the recording time limit.


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    The TZ7 produces stunning images and has enough scene modes to suit most occasions. You can set ISO and EV so have some control over the camera.

    I have read that the TZ10 images are not quite as good as the TZ7 (when pixel peeping I expect) but that really depends on what you want to do with your images after you have taken them. If you only print 6x4 and post on the web, then TBH, anything will do.

    The TZ10 has manual control. OK for changing the shutter speed but not worth it for the aperture as at all settings, everything is in focus due to the small sensor.

    GPS, well I suppose if you take hundreds of shots all over the place, then it could come in handy.

    The TZ7's on ebay would have to be ZS3's (US model) to not have the recording time limit.

    Anyway, I don't think you'll go far wrong with either of them - enjoy your holiday




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    Thanks chris, as you might of guessed will be mainly used for holiday shots apart from that music festivals & gigs etc and maybe the odd 1 or 2 airshows. Of what I have seen on YouTube the HD video quality is awsome as well as the zoom.
    Now you mention the slightly poorer photos from the tz10 it does not seem worth while paying the extra 100 or so, also read the gps drains the bat life way to quick and if turned on it stays on even when the camera is off/stand by.

    The new casio Ex fh100 looks good, aswell as the Sony hx5v but boh realesed a week or 2 to late :/

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