Hi Folks,

Im so new to the DSLR world so forgive the silly questions

I have recently purchased a Nikon D5000 camera with 18-55 VR Lens

Im wondering which second lens to buy for my trip to canada, plenty of mixed shots?

55-200 Nikon VR Lens or 18-105 Nikon VR Lens

I did start looking at the Tamron 18-200 Lens but everyone tells me that all in one lens don't do the camera much justice. Secondly i had previously a Kodak V610 10x Zoom compact camera without image stabilasation and its obvious that my hands aren't as steady as i think and the Tamron lens hasn't got any eitehr so i have discounted it. Am i right? Nikon 18-200 is too pricey fr me currently.