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    Default First dSLR or bridge camera?


    I realise there are many posts but I wanted to specifically state the type of scenes I will be photographing since it is possible that might influence answers.

    I currently have a point and click IXUS. Its limitations are increasingly obvious.

    I enjoy taking "nature" pictures - animals, birds, forests, lakes, scenery, etc. Also, macro photos like flowers and insects.

    Of course I also take "urban" pictures and people though probably less than most people.

    I am on a budget so do not wish to go over 400-500. I also do not want a situation where I need additional lenses that ramp up what appears to initially be a good deal.


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    With the variety of images you're taking I'd probably advise you towards a DSLR. Athough there are plenty of decent bridge models out there, the amount of versatility is limited as the lens is fixed. Although a DSLR will cost you more, being able to adapt the lenses toward a specific type of photography, such as a macro lens or long zoom lens for nature shots, means you can start with a simple kit then purchase more specialist kit when you need it. I'd recommend the Canon EOS 1000D or Nikon D3000, bith of which have an impressive array of lenses available but won't cost the earth. Both can be found for well under 400, and take SD cards which may be the same as your IXUS depending on the age of it.

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    You would need to buy a telezoom lens with your DSLR which could ramp up the cost. You can buy a twin lens kit for your budget that would include both a tele-zoom and the std kit lens. The best deal at the moment is on the Sony A230 with the 18-55mm and 75-300mm which you can get at (and maybe a few other places too).

    But you did say that you don't want the hassle of extra lenses so perhaps a Bridge camera is what you need They aren't everyone's cup of tea image quality isn't as good, the response time is slower and you might not like the electronic viewfinders they have, but if these things are not an issue for you then look at the and the


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