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    Thumbs down Canon A490 Or GE Z150?

    I bought a Canon A490 on special offer from Argos for 64.99, I am considering swapping it for a 79.99 GE Z150 which has: Image Stabilisation, TV Output, 5 x optical zoom (Canon 3.3), Pan capture panorama & a few other things I don't see in the Canon specs.

    I can't find any expert reviews on the web, so I would appreciate any opinions on which camera ultimately takes the better pic & is Image Stabilisation really that effective or should I stick with the Canon?. Maybe someone could point me to an expert review.

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    Default General Electric


    The GE Z150 is from General Electric - one of Americas biggest company's.

    These rarely get tested by reviewers because they are not seen as one of the mainstream brands of camera like Canon, Nikon etc.

    However, if you feel that you can get more enjoyment from it, then go for it

    Come back and let us know what you think of it



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    After doing some more research I decided to keep the Canon & forum comments reinforced that decision. I'll also get a Gorillapod as it will double as a pistol-grip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamata View Post
    After doing some more research I decided to keep the Canon
    Good choice in my opinion, but if one is only printing 6x4 and publishing images on the web, then almost any camera will do

    OK about the Gorillapod - very handy tool - it's just that mine escaped last week and I had to go and find it - cheeky monkey





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