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    Default Looking to buy new pocket size camera, but need multi shot self timer...

    Hi All
    Im looking to purchase a tidy pocket size camera, but, the one main feature I need is a self timer option, which can take multiple shots, say between 1 - 10 with a short delay between pics.

    Im a really keen fisherman and often do my sport alone. Having the opportunity to do self takes with my catch will be a real bonus.

    Any advice please? Makes/Models and then I can decide which one to go for?

    The only camera I have so far found which 'I think' has this facility is the Canon IXUS100/Powershot SD780. I think Im right by saying that...

    Thanks all in advance =)

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    If your looking for something simple then the at 104.95 might do the trick.

    The Ricoh R10 at around 130 has timelapse recording as well

    If you want to check out the Canons, you can download the manuals here
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