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Thread: Buy new camera.

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    Hi all,

    I hope this finds you well.

    Was hoping someone may be able to help me choose a camera.

    Its primary use will be in my studio space to take photos of my work (graphic design and various design related stuff). It is important that the images are of a depth and quality that looks clean and professional. But generally it will be used in controlled lighting and potentially along with a lighting kit.

    Im already thinking digital SLR just not sure which one and how high the spec I will need.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Is it mostly flat copying of 2 dimensional art work that you want the camera for? What will you do with the images print them? If so, how big.

    Without knowing more I'd say a DSLR would be the best choice, but getting your technique right would be more important than the particular choice of camera.

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    The work I will be photographing would be examples of various items: books, posters, the more I think about it; the more versatile it probably needs to be. As often things are quite large and reflective. The images are often published on the web and when printed it would depend on the application, but generally a hi quality A3 at 300dpi would do the trick.

    would like to spend around 400 if possible?

    Many thanks.

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    There are only a handful of DSLRs for under 400. However, it sounds like you could do with a mini studio set up. A couple of flash or tungsten studio lights (even one light) and white background would make a bigger difference to your pictures than any subtle differences between the cameras available to you. Do you have something like this? If yout I'd buy the cheapest DSLR you can (Park Cameras has the Sony A230 for 299, as probably do others) and put the rest of the money towards saving up for a mini-studio set up.


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