I'm looking for a little advice re buying a new camera.

I have just sold a Canon S90 which I enjoyed using but am now looking for a longer zoom (mainly for photographing birds). I started by looking at the Panasonic TZ6 & TZ7 but I then stumbled upon the FZ38 with it's 18x zoom and raw capture.

Before heading down the FZ38 route though I have noticed that I can pick up a Sony Alpha 230 with a twin lens deal offering a 300mm zoom for a total of 399. This is about 120 more than the FZ38 but I'm wondering if it's worth it.

I kind of like the all in one idea of the FZ38 without the hassle of lenses and temptation to buy further lenses and flashes etc but I can't help thinking I may be a little foolish to spend 280 on a bridge camera when I could have a DSLR for that bit extra.

On the other hand I'm only ever really going to view pics on a PC monitor / other high res screen so will I notice much difference in image quality anyway if I'm not printing? Would the DSLR offer more depth of field options than the FZ38?

Any advice would be appreciated. General photo use but especially birds, pets, family and street / architecture.

Any other suggestions welcome. Considered Olympus e420 but lack of SD card slot put me off. Would consider Canon 100D but I'd have to buy long lens a few months down the line as the body is a bit more money.