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    Default D90 refuses to take a picture

    Has anyone been having problems with their D90? My D90 has been refusing to take pictures and after ten minutes trying, I finally got it to work by setting it to manual before it would let me use Programme.

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    What situations was it refusing to take photos?

    sorry - Impossible to help without more information
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    nothing specific... in auto mode and in programme. bright sunshine and in-doors.
    There doesn't appear to be any specific reason other than it refuses to focus or take a picture. on sunday it was in programme and I was trying to photograph in doors with an external flash on. only after setting the mode to manual did it final allow me to shoot!
    on most occasions it had half a charge in the battery

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    hi, i have a d90 too. Such thing will happen if you set the camera, to auto focus, and the camera are unable to focus anything, hence the shutter wont release.

    if you set the camera to auto focus, the camera will focus automatically onto something, if the focus is successful, you will hear a beep sound. then you can press the shutter release button

    auto focus will failed when the image that you are taking have very little contrast, for example, auto focus on wall which have the same color.

    hope that it will help you a bit.

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    Default doesn't sound good to me

    well what lens did you use and what where the circumstances that day (weather / light etc)

    DSLR's often can't focus if there is too less contrast or you are too close on the subject , each lens has s minimum operating distance and the longer the lens the higher the distance .

    furthermore i always leave the af assist beam om (unless i do not want it then it's off, but for 98 % it is on check the manual if the d90 has this)

    i am also no fan of "af closest subject but i use manual focus selection or let the camera choose

    i am not so rich to buy a D90 but i got A D80 and a D50 and even a canon eos 300D


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