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    Default Sony alpha at pma 2010...

    I got this general info from a well known and trusted rumour site...

    Sony a700 replacement - full HD video, 14mp CMOS (video said to beat canon/nikon rivals)
    Maybe one more DSLR camera?

    New lenses:
    Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm f/2 ZA SSM
    500mm f/4
    35mm f/2 SAM (i don’t know DT or full-frame)
    85mm f/2.8 SAM
    Maybe 70-300mm f/4.-5.6 SAM

    Two new mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras.

    full announcement tonight @5pm
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    more info,
    NEX 3
    14mp APS-C CMOS
    support RAW
    3′ LCD,920K
    11 point AF
    ISO 200 to12800
    720p Mp4 and AVCHD
    support SDHC

    NEX 5
    14mp APS-C CMOS
    Support RAW
    3′ LCD,920K
    11 point AF
    ISO 200 to 12800
    1080/24p Mp4 and AVCHD
    Support SDHC

    A700 to have iso 12800

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    well known and trusted rumour site
    Like such a thing exists!

    Rather than cluttering everywhere up with this sort of thing, how about posting a link instead?
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    well maybe I was wrong about trusted :P it's

    anyway, they were right, here's some product shots

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