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    Hi, i'm new on this forum. Basically i'm wanting a dslr. I've been using compacts all my 3 years (im 15 nearly 16). I've got a limited budget, but obviously my birthday is within 3 weeks, and im getting a job soon. I was looking at the nikon d40. I've had alot of experience with many cameras..i feel im even a bit over due for a camera. The d40- doesnt come with an AF motor..will this be a problem to be. Other than the d40...can anyone recommend another camera..thats really good and ideal for a beginner..obv doesnt have to be nikon. Also i was wondering as the sigma 4.5mm is really expensive (over 500) is there any cheap alternatives around the region of 100-250 fisheye lenses- that still have the full 180 degree effect, good quality.

    if anyones bothered to read this im really thankful for that, any replies over the moon cheers guys.

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    As a Nikon user, I wouldn't advise Nikon unless you wish to purchase either a second-hand pro level or at least a D90.
    Nikon is a brilliant system, but their lower-end cameras can prove frustrating - no autobracketing is my biggest gripe.
    Software can also be expensive-if you want to remotely operate Nikons you must purchase software, whereas it's thrown in with canons.

    When you get to the 90,300 or 700 or the earlier equivalents then things become really good.
    I have a D60 which is a cracking camera, but the inability to autobracket is a real pain. My D700 is a different kettle of fish - I love it, but it is excruciatingly expensive.

    I may seem like a Nikon traitor here but I'd advise looking at Canon or Sony, and perhaps Sigma.
    Third party add-ons are more freely available for Canon than anything else.

    Of course, it all comes down to the feel of the camera in the end. Try a couple out in your local camera shop - whichever feels right and is easiest for YOU to use is the right one.

    Oh... the Fisheye - these lenses are extremely tricky to make, so finding a cheap one is going to be like looking for hens teeth. A second hand one may prove worthwhile, as many people use them for a short time and realise it isn't what they want (there's only so much you can do with them) and then sell them on.

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    SO what did you get for your birthday?

    Have you managed to get yourself something nice to play with? You'll soon find DSLRs take a fair bit of your time up.

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    Well, if you've not got a camera yet, (if you can find one :P) the sony a200's a cracking budget camera, not the best with noise handling and no live view, but every other aspect of the camera is great!
    I picked one up in pc world/currys for 250

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    Hi, sorry about the late reply. My birthdays on the 10th. I should have a spare 150 which i can save for a camera. After buying a couple of magazine..i didn't realise then D3000 was so cheap (well reasonable haha). I'm in a pickle. I've read what you've put but to be honest I dont know a fat lot about cameras in detail, I just know the basics and I want a camera for a beginner pretty quick that wont stretch a budget of 350.

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    If your budget will run to 350 (ish), go to and scroll down to the list of camera's. Click on the D3000 and watch the full programme......that will give you a full rundown on the camera, it's attributes and how to use it....then you can make your mind up...good luck !


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