Hi, i'm new on this forum. Basically i'm wanting a dslr. I've been using compacts all my 3 years (im 15 nearly 16). I've got a limited budget, but obviously my birthday is within 3 weeks, and im getting a job soon. I was looking at the nikon d40. I've had alot of experience with many cameras..i feel im even a bit over due for a camera. The d40- doesnt come with an AF motor..will this be a problem to be. Other than the d40...can anyone recommend another camera..thats really good and ideal for a beginner..obv doesnt have to be nikon. Also i was wondering as the sigma 4.5mm is really expensive (over 500) is there any cheap alternatives around the region of 100-250 fisheye lenses- that still have the full 180 degree effect, good quality.

if anyones bothered to read this im really thankful for that, any replies over the moon cheers guys.