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    Default Camera for a noob

    Hi I'm new to photography and hense new to the forum.

    I recently had the idea that I'd like to try my hand in sports photography and obviously need to get a camera before going to college or anything.

    I was looking at 3 models, Nikon D5000 and D90, and the Canon 450D. Does anyone have any opinions on these models and/or suggestions for what else to look at?
    I'd rather the price range be 500-600 however will stretch it if needed.

    The sports I'd mostly be shooting would be Karting/motorsports, and some extreme sports like skateboarding n rollerblading.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    The Nikon D90 is probably the best of these. It has the fastest burst rate (4.5frames per second compared with 4fps on the D5000 and 3.5fps on the 450D). It also has a focus motor in the body, which is likely to produce faster focusing, and you'll also have a wider range of tele lenses to choose from (which you'll need for sport) rather than having to stick with lenses that have integral AF motors.

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    Is it worth the extra 250-300 pounds for it though? I haven't got any photography exprience, except filming friends skating years ago, I doubt I'll be buying any massive lenses or that the now anyway. Just need something that will serve me fairly well for shooting the Karting and getting me through a college course later this year.

    Would the extra o.5 fps be that much better than the 4fps from the D5000?

    N 1 more question, regardless which is better, which is better value for money?

    Also it won't just be sports I'll use it for, will hopefully be shooting some music Gigs too.

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    For an extra 0.5 fps it isn't worth spending 200-300, in my opinion, though having looked at a couple of retailers there only seems to be just under 100 between the D90 and D5000.
    If you're talking about gigs though the D5000 has the benefit of the articulating LCD screen, which means you can hold the camera above your head to get shots over the crowd, for example, and tilt the screen so you can see what you're doing.

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    Sport photografy isn't simple. You'll need very good material.
    The lens is more important than the body. But sport photografy needs a body with a powerful burst mode.

    Knowing this, we can deduct that the best camera is the Nikon D90. But I think that the telelenses from Canon are the best.
    I would prefer a Canon camera like the EOS 450D or the EOS 50D (maybe a bit expensive, but much better).

    You also need to know that you'll need a telelens (sport photografy) with your body. Telelenses are very expesive. (the cheapest ones are around the 1000$)

    I hope this will help you.


    PS: I can't speek English very well. I come from Belgium.

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    Your English is fine Eric. You don't have to spend 1000 on a tele-zoom, you can buy them for anything from 200-300 but of course you're right that the really good ones cost that. The cheaper ones, besides being not as sharp, have smaller maximum apertures making it harder to get the fast shutter speeds you need without raising the ISO. They also make the focusing slower.
    But it all depends how serious you're going to get. If its just for your own entertainment you'll get good sports shots with a DSLR that does 4fps and a 300 zoom, albeit with a lower hit rate than you'd get with a faster camera and lens combo.


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