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Thread: Canon EOS 550D

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    Default Canon EOS 550D

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the
    Looks on paper like great value - 18mp sensor, hi-res screen, ISO 12,800, mic input for HD video...

    Anyone thinking of buying one, or the 500D, 50D ar 7D instead?

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    well it will be hyped like every other camera on the market with most review sites raving about it, 1000000,s of people read them and buy one, and find it just like all the rest...a unfinished rushed ploy.

    How about slating a camera if it needs it...maybe, after all i have 1000s to waste on gimick cameras....but this will never happen will it as too much money is made from advertising and payoffs to review sites...maybe the classic "but the ... was a little dissapointing..."

    should be written...

    It does not do this ...this is terrible...this does not function as it should, this is a lie, this isnt does not perform to its quoted rating....hmmm a bit like the k7

    i call it legal lying through guys help them...

    "Looks on paper like great value - 18mp sensor, hi-res screen, ISO 12,800, mic input for HD video"

    the big biggup starts

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    Looks interesting but it doesn't have a control wheel on the back so I'd still want the 7D. I expect the 550D to be good enough to make getting a 50D seem like a daft idea though.....another control wheel versus better image quality?

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    Smile Canon is amazing...

    I am always amazed at how Canon makes some of the very best technology available on entry level models...this has been the secret of their success since the 400D. The ink is not dry on the EOS 7D and we are presented with an entry level camera with half its technology!! On paper its amazing value at the moment. Its not just the 550D....Canon has made available technology, such as 14bit processing of files, on entry models since the EOS 450D. To get 14 bit processing of files on Nikon you have to go to the D300s.....yes not even the D90 has it!

    However, like all technology wars, Nikon will strike back. Unfortunately Nikon is at the mercy of its sensor supplier...Sony. The new "R exmor" processor looks very promising for low light photography, but is yet to appear on a DSLR. The next question is whether Nikon will let that technology flow through to its entry level models the way Canon does or whether they will want to milk the market....

    I was going to buy the 7D as an upgrade to my 450D......however, the 550D has made me think cant go wrong with Canon.......

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    After a lot of research I thought I had it down to 2 cameras EOS 500d or the E620 both had features I liked. Then along comes the EOS550d, no contest I am now waiting for mine to be delivered.


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