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    Default Using Telescopes on DSLRs

    Yesterday I got to play with a Swarovski telescope on the end of a Canon EOS 5D Mk2, which gave me the equvalent of 800mm. (Full story here)

    Does any have any experience of using telescopes on cameras and have any views on them good, bad or indifferent? It seems they're popular with bird watchers, as they're cheaper and smaller than the equivalent lenses and I was wondering whether its a topic we should look at in the magazine?

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    Default Link not working...

    Nigel, your link, which I would like to follow, does not appear to work. It may be me - I do have a bus pass!

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    Default spottingscope

    Hi I don't use a telescope but i do use a spotting scope and hook i up to a compact .

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    Can't help feeling that one puts the camera to the scope, but I may just be pedantic...
    What model of scope and adapter was used? Certainly when birdwatching I've rarely seen DSLR users not using huge (Bigma-type) dedicated lenses; as graham_c suggests the more common scope/digicam combo is a spotting scope and compact

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    Default Bird Watchers

    Nemesis is right, most bird watchers that I see have huge lenses but not often paticularly good ones - cost is probably the issue of course. What I think will be interesting in this thread, once we can see some evidence, is whether a 150 telescope will give usable results not just for bird watchers but amateur astronomers as well.

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    Hi Sorry for not posting sooner. The main reason i got a scope is'nt for bird watching it is for insects[ macro] . The scope i,ve got is an opticron mm2 v2 mighty midget, small enough to fit in my pocket.Peter photos is correct in saying the evidence will determine if it is any good At the moment i'm waiting on an adaptor coming one it came with doesn't fit my compact] . Unfortunately for me my local photo shop is closing down [ where i got the scope] and is having problems receiving orders. As soon as it is in i will post some photos for your perusal.

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    Default Opticron mm2

    Sounds very interesting Graham. I look forward to seeing how you get on. P

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    will keep you up to speed

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    Hi .I am now up and running. Will post some photos soon

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    This was done using an opticron spotting scope.Have to say though i will need a better compact than my present one .Any ideas would be welcome


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