Your choice of camera depends on so many factors, some of which are not obvious until you've had it for a while. To start the list off, some of the less obvious are:
  • Size and weight: Will you really take this out with you on every occasion that you thought you would, or is the camera just too big?
  • Size and weight: Can you hold the camera comfortably for while (waiting for the bl##$& tourist to get out of shot!?) and have your fingers ready to gently squeeze the shutter button at the right moment.
  • Size and weight: Does the camera feel comfortable (balanced) in your hand?
  • Accessories and extra lenses: Can you see yourself taking the camera out with you with all the extras that you class as 'essential'.
  • Accessories and extra lenses: If the camera has built-in flash, is is powerful enough to add useful light to the scenes you're typically going to photograph? If you're going to need a more powerful flashgun, does your camera support this?

I'm sure that other people can add loads of other 'less obvious' factors - this is just to illustrate the point!