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    Default nikon d3000 or sony a330 or 230 or 380

    hi to all
    iam after a new camera i think i would like one of the following the Nikon D3000 maybe the d5000 but maybe out my price at the min
    Sony a230 / a330 / a380 my be that one bit out my range but i can still dream on

    my question is what would the experts go for it will be my first dslr

    will be taking action shots of dogs and just out walking the woods fields and day out with family and in house nothing major heavy as just starting out

    also there is the upgrade lenses who is cheaper as Sony have built in is in body and Nikon in the lens so who is the cheaper for lenses my be -55 to 300 or 55to 200 or 18to 200
    what are the prices like in comparison thanks
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