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    Default Using tilt and shift on small objects

    As a little treat to myself i recently got a Canon TS-E 90mm tilt/shift lens to use as a sort of macro lens when the bigger beasties come back out to play. My 100mm macro is likely to be relegated to handheld use and I plan to use the TS-E for the tripod shots at less than 1:1.

    To familiarise myself with using the movements to control the plane of focus I've been messing about in the kitchen photographing models that I've built (this 1:12 scale Hayabusa is about 150mm long).

    The first image had the bike at about 45 degrees to the camera and the camera was pointed down at about 22.5 degrees(according to the geared tripod head which was hopefully level). With a my 100mm I'd have had to shoot pretty much straight on and level with the subject to get it all sharp so the movements allow for a pretty serious amount of leeway for setting up a shot however you want it.

    Not quite as much of the movements used here.....

    One thing I need to experiment more with is the effect magnification has on the amount of movement you get. It seems like the closer you go the less effect the same amount of tilt has but at this stage I could well be imagining it!

    This one is pretty much at the minimum focus distance (0.25x) and the chain is probably about the same length as a damselfly so I suspect I'm going to need to try it on the extension tubes soon.

    Need to try it out in the woods too.

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    As a little treat to myself
    Blimey! Last time I looked they were around the 1000 plus mark...

    Anyway, enjoy
    Need to try it out in the woods too.
    Don't we all

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    Could have been worse Chris....the first t/s "makro" lens I saw was a 120mm 3.5k Zeiss! A bit investigation revealed that it only did 1:4 (0.25x) but then so does the Canon and they both work well on extension tubes. You can rotate the lens and all that stuff in the same way and the Canon one also has an electronic aperture so no need for stop-down metering or whatever.

    I had to have one


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