Ok first post over here, those of you from the other side may already have seen it there

I am considering the purchase of another Canon body as although I like my 5D the auto focus is a bit too slow for my main use which is motor sport of various flavours.

The dilemma is on which model to go for. Now if funds where unlimited I would go for a 1D Mk IV but they aren’t so the choices seem to be:-

Should do all I want and prices are just about in my affordable zone, however there is, if various reports on the web are to be believed, still an issue with focusing on panned shots. For my intended main use this could obviously be a problem.

Again should do all I want but will obviously be older and has fewer MP and less bells and whistles although as I have never used all the toys on any of my cameras since the A1 this probably wont be a problem. It does seem that it still out performs the MK III in focusing on panned shots

New 7D
Looks to be very good but perhaps not quite the build quality and feel of a 1. Auto focus is supposed to be very good. Is obviously newer so processing/high ISO performance should be better than the Mk II and probably the Mk III. Only down side I can see at the moment is that it won’t auto focus at F8 (I use my 300 F4 with a 2x on occasion)

I think I would probably have chosen the Mk III if I was not concerned about the AF, but this is probably because I used a 1V quite a lot (and still use it albeit not so much now)

Has anyone first hand experience of a 1D III with panning shots? Or either of the others for that matter.

Confused of (near) Tunbridge Wells