I bet you hear this a lot. Sorry in advance for the textwall. I'm looking at developing photography as a hobby (and coinciding with a two week trip to Greece) and I'm looking at getting my first DSLR. Ive had a small amount of exposure to how slrs work (including using film ones) so I'm not entirely new. I'm fairly set on getting a SLR as I truly want to get into it, but this trip is quite useful as a... catalyst.

The trip to Greece is history based, and I'm going to need the ability to zoom on architecture and the environment, and also shoot decent close ups. I've kind of been drawn to the Canon D500, partly due to the ability for more quality upscaling, and partly because I'm looking for something I'm not going to replace any time soon, and I think it's definately a camera I'll be able to grow into. Other ones I've got on my list are the D450, the Nikon D90 and the Pentax K20D. I'm drawn to the Canon because of the huge range of easily available lenses, but at the moment I'm kind of stuck.

I should point out that at this point, I haven't been to test out any at a camera store (although I will at some point this week). Money is an issue and the price range I'm looking at pretty much stops around the D500 mark.

I guess I'm just after some advice; I'm looking for a decent all rounder; one with at least 12mp, and a decent range of lenses to gradually grow into (that wont destroy my wallet). Are these the sort of models I should be looking at? is the D500 really worth it instead of the 450? Are there any other cameras out there that might fit the bill? (I'm fairly confident I will have overlooked something). Any help would be great.