Hi one and all!

Being new to this forum I thought i'd best introduce myself and say hi! So Hi!

I have had a bit of a break from Photography over the last year and now looking to get back into it with a bit of an upgrade to a Digital SLR. I have two Canon 35mm cameras at the mo and have been using those for the last 4/5 years. One is a 300v and the other a 1000, both EOS. An assortment of collected lens etc etc. As you do! I am quite experimental with it all and like learning through the practical application. Moving to a Digital SLR seems a good prgression having learnt to use the settings on the two cameras I have now, i'm looking at getting a EOS 400d, this seems to be a good move, it should take the lenses I have already!

Intro over, hope no ones asleep with my long winded entrance!!! Looking forward to all the practical advice i'm going to get!