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    Smile Introduction!

    Hi one and all!

    Being new to this forum I thought i'd best introduce myself and say hi! So Hi!

    I have had a bit of a break from Photography over the last year and now looking to get back into it with a bit of an upgrade to a Digital SLR. I have two Canon 35mm cameras at the mo and have been using those for the last 4/5 years. One is a 300v and the other a 1000, both EOS. An assortment of collected lens etc etc. As you do! I am quite experimental with it all and like learning through the practical application. Moving to a Digital SLR seems a good prgression having learnt to use the settings on the two cameras I have now, i'm looking at getting a EOS 400d, this seems to be a good move, it should take the lenses I have already!

    Intro over, hope no ones asleep with my long winded entrance!!! Looking forward to all the practical advice i'm going to get!


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    I had a Eos 300 and a good camera it was too, have fun here

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    Welcome to the forum and, by the sound of it, the world of digital!

    The 400D is a good choice and should serve you well. As far as the lenses are concerned are they all Canon lenses? All Canon made EF lenses will work on the 400D but you may encounter difficulties if you have any Sigma lenses. Some older Sigma lenses will not work properly on digital EOS cameras. They will focus but any attempt to take a picture at any aperture other than fully open will lock the camera up (cleared by switching it off). Mainly this affects quite old lenses but if in doubt check the lens with the camera. Sigma have in the past been able to rechip some affected lenses but it depends on their age.


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