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    Default Shaun2k's Photo Diary

    Instead of putting photographs in lots of dfferent threads, i decided to do a photo Diary, in which i will pick one photo per day to put in this thread.

    Since the age of 10 or so, my love for Photography has kept me sane through my teens and twenties and into my thirties. I will add, i'm not that much better then when i started, only my camera has grown and transformed into somthing new.

    Today is the 2nd of Febuary, and ive been out taking some shots, i went to my shooting place at 6 this morning, in hope of finding some deer to chase around, and to get some landscape snaps here in cornwall,

    Well no Deer, but i did hear one running around in the woods, just not my day i suppose.
    I usually take my collie Booth with me to stop me from being scared, as its a little creepy, the owls scare me to death as they hoot away right behind you, but today i didnt take Booth.

    I lost the bolt out of my monopod on the way there also, but took my velborn as well as a backup.
    The light was pretty normal this morning, and i found my self interested in the stream that flows through the valley as it was steaming away, i found a nice spot with a fence and a small part of the stream showing, i pitched up and took this shot after a bit of messing around.

    Other cool stuff that happened today

    Google used a norman Rockwell picture as thier banner, i havent seen his photorealism artwork in ages...check him out, he's an American 50's artrist.

    My 8gb sdhc card came today from amazon only a class 6 one but hey, beggers cant be choosers, and you can't complain with 13.99 either.

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