Hi i'm about to engage in a photobook creation session, but i'm finding the thought of resizing images a bit of a pain and headache..

My images are from the Pentax K7, but when i import in raw format, they show up as 240 PPI.

My worry is that blurb print at 300 DPI and i need to resize to sustain 100% image quality.

I've worked out that 13" x 11.5" X 240 PPI = an image size of 3120 X 2760

If i used a higher image res will it look shat when printed due to the 300dpi bit?

Is this correct?

Does that mean my image will look best at this resolution?

Why is a 14.5mb camera not 300 PPI ? is it meant to be?

i'm confused as blurb require 300 DPI (print spec)

aghhh its doing my head in, as i thought i could just bang my images in there and off i went but, its proving to have more method...

Any help would be greatful.