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  1. APS-C vs Full Frame & DSLR vs Mirrorless CSC

    I am currently the owner of a Samsung NX10 (plus three lenses) and a Nikon D7000 (also with three lenses). Over the next year or so, I am gathering my pennies to move to a better camera.

    I intend...
  2. Wave, I am looking to move to full-frame for...


    I am looking to move to full-frame for the improved picture quality. I am not planning to sell any of my existing gear. I will keep my Nikon D7000 and lenses as a back-up. I am 90% that I...
  3. Upgrading from APS-C Nikon D7000 to full-frame camera

    Hello WDC,

    I am currently using a Nikon D7000 with three lenses (an 18-105 zoom and two primes). I am looking to upgrade to a Nikon D610 in the next few months.

    But the launch of the new Sony...
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    Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens

    Hello What Digital Camera,

    When do you plan to get a sample of the Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens for testing please ?

    There is a lot of information about this lens on the 'net, I would like to see your...
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    Leica M240

    Hello WDC,

    All over the web, I have seen a lot of interest generated in the new Leica M240.

    Does WDC plan to review this camera in the new future ?

    Also, although a rangefinder is a...
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