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30-01-10, 04:17 AM
Whats the best camera insurance for an enthusiast camera, i wish to find one that does old for new, and have rental charges included for periods of the claims and possible un-attended vehicle, and accidental damage

do you guys at what camera know any good ones

I only need to insure around 1500.00

what are these like? any body use them:

PhotoGuard Select Camera Insurance


Nigel Atherton
04-02-10, 10:44 PM
I've been a photographer for over 20 years and never had dedicated camera insurance. I've always found my house contents insurance covered everything pretty well.
This was put to the test when my old Billingham bag containing 3500 worth of Bronica gear was nicked from my office desk a few years back. To my surprise my home insurer (Barclays as it happened at the time) coughed up the full amount without quibbling.
Its always worth checking with your insurer, but if you do find that you need dedicated insurance we dd a group test a couple of years ago. I can't remember the result off the top of my head but I can look it up when i'm at work tomorrow.
Of course the test could only compare costs and coverage, not customer service or how good they are if you need to make a claim.

04-02-10, 11:59 PM
Thanks nigel

My main concern is, that due to purchasing my camera from a private sale, i have no warrenty, this always makes my nervous, for the camera breaking itself, and me breaking the camera.

Ive noticed that various companies will cover it, however like many places, the criteria is very hit and miss, i would favour a old for new with excess, and parts and labour and maybe a replacement whilst in repair.

The good news is that these companies charge between 3.45 - 10.00 a month, which is pocket change really, but its which one will make you proud, when you trip in the middle of dartmoor and give your camera a makeover for the worse.

I originally wanted to take out a warrenty with Pentax, but i cant find anywhere where they do this on their site, so i'm forced to go this route.

I'm sorry to hear you had your gear stolen, that's a horror story none of us want happen, and from your desk, your place of focus, is a bit of a kick in the teeth, good old barcleys though, i'm very surprised, and glad they paid out for you.

That's maybe something else i can check out,

so thanks nigel