View Full Version : Pentax kit lenses a liitle below par

20-01-10, 10:28 PM
Hi, im new to the forum and own a K7 pentax, problem being i am noticing some very heavy blooming effect when taking basic test shots, i have not had the camera in the field yet, but i am concerned about the quality of the lens.

i'ts noticable on parts of the image where it goes from focus to dof and makes it look like a steamy room, or an old playboy mag warming effect.

I cant believe the lense is that poor, although i do appreciate that, the lense is a price saving part of the kit.

however you do not expect it to this degree on a 900.00 camera

anybody else having the same issue?

is it something that can be sorted with firmware (ie, lense correction) or is a new lense needed.?

Other then that... i am very impressed with the camera, and the build quality is unbeatable in my opinion.

ive owned the k100 super, the k10d, prior to this camera and its a noticable improvement on focus time,and continuous shots,but image quality isnt that far ahead, sure the size is larger being 14.5mb but theres no noticable changes to the images.



Nigel Atherton
21-01-10, 10:30 AM
This isn't something we noticed in our tests, but I will ask Mike, who reviewed the K7, if he has any comments.

21-01-10, 06:24 PM
thankyou i would be very gratefull,

Today ive been scorering the web to find some test shots,it seems this issue becomes apparent in lighting situations where minimal light is on the subject, however the flash gave similar results.

its irritating as i could show you but have to wait for a delivery of my sd card.

Realised the test image i uploaded was from here anyway..

my bad