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16-01-10, 11:54 AM
Bought a Luminix FZ38 I'm really disapointed with in the indoor results. The face tones are red . I use the Auto setting and the flash. I get much better results with my old Cannon G3. Is it the camera or do I need to set something in the menu. I'm a real dummie and just want to shoot

25-01-10, 02:07 PM
Unfortunately this is a result of many factors.

The lower grade the sensor, the worse the low light response in most cases, and is found in not just cameras but handy cams as well.

Auto settings are fatal for these shots, try using your night mode, or similar, if you have one.

Try lighting your subject better, although this isnt always availiable.

The kind of light availiable will also hinder you...eg flurecent, tungsten, etc as these bulbs are very yellow light, and can really make your sensor work to pull back tones, leaving you with redish shots, and very grainy.

Dont get disheartened...you still get this on higher end cameras, if the correct settings are not in use. problem being, is you cannot control some important settings on various compacts, like shutter speed, and iso, and have modes instead, that very rarely suite your needs.

My panasonic hdc hs100 HD camcorder was pathetic in low light, which i did not expect from a 800.00 purchase,and gave similar results to what your talking about..

Check your camera for any modes, which state indoors/tungsten/flurecent/ etc, and try each one, and find one you can live with quality wise.
You may also find that the picture quality will improve, but you get lagging / hesitation on the screen when composing, try shooting on a tripod, or bag, as this will greatly improve your shots indoors, with this issue.

if you are still not satisfied, return the camera (if you wish, or are able to) and upgrade/change for a model that will be better in these situations, but be warned!!!! most are like it, unless you spend good money (as always)

This shot was taken next to a fire, and the light immiting from it is very yellow, hence this shot taken on a compact:


I did a quick adjustment to the colour balance, and darkened the grain up, i managed to pull back some life to the image, so not all is lost, but quality of the image initially, "IS" important when editing.


25-01-10, 07:57 PM
Thank you so much. I'm pleased it's not the grade of the camera.