View Full Version : Bridge camera - which one???

13-01-10, 03:47 PM
Hello there, Im looking to purchase a bridge camera and i wanted some professional advice. I have come down to 2 camera's, both fujifilm, the s1500 and the s2000HD. I am looking to use the camera on motorsport events and was wondering which one would be more suited for this?

Thanks for your help


17-01-10, 07:15 PM
If you decide on the S2000HD, there is one thing that really annoyed me about the camera. When used in live view mode (i.e. composing using the LCD screen) depending on the light source you were pointing the camera at, the screen showed vertical streaks of light and poor colour.

I took mine back to the shop, and tried other S2000HDs and they were all the same. I found it was something I could not live with, so quickly sold the camera.

I know nothing about the S1500, except that it is very small.