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23-11-09, 01:17 PM
I travel a lot and have a Nikon D90 with the 18-200mm lens. If I use the camera with a neck strap the weight of the lens makes the camera tip forward. In this position the lens extends automatically making the lens twice its length and making me look like I have a third leg! There are two issues here which I would welcome opinion on.

1) How do I stop the camera tilting down? If I loop the neck strap under the lens then the camera does not tilt forward but it does make the neck strap short and is not a secure way of supporting the camera. I have also tried putting a wrist strap round the base of the lens and connecting this to the neck strap. It improves things but does not fix them. The real answer would be for Nikon to put the camera strap lugs on the lens or on the front of the camera body rather than on the back. Is there any gadget out there to assist here?
2) How do I stop the lens extending? When I bought the lens I knew it had this extension characteristic but did not appreciate how fast it happens if the lens is tipped down. Ideally a locking mechanism or clutch of some sort is the answer. Is there a way of making the lens action stiffer? So far the only solution I have is to connect a large elastic band from the camera body to the right hand lens hood petal. Looks silly but works very well indeed.

Nigel Atherton
29-11-09, 10:51 PM
This was a known complaint of the original Nikkor 18-200mm, which is why when they released a mark 2 they added a zoom lock to stop it from sliding.
But that doesn't help you. Frankly I'm not sure what the best answer is. One possibility is the cap-keeper - a sticky pad attaches to your lens cap and a cord attached to it fits to your strap lug. Its designed to stop you losing your cap but if the cord is the right length, or could be adjusted to be, it might also stop the lens sliding. Worth looking at anyway.

28-01-10, 05:23 AM
this is called lens creep , it happens to most of the larger zoomlenses as they get older . hte new mark II model has a lock to prevent itself from extending like that , i do not know how old the 18-200 is .

01-02-10, 10:20 AM
i have had same lens , and i suggest you add a battery pack will willalter the balance issue, no solution for creep though im afraid all best

Mike Lowe
08-02-10, 04:36 PM
i have had same lens , and i suggest you add a battery pack will willalter the balance issue, no solution for creep though im afraid all best

Bit of extra back-breakingness with all the weight though, but a fair option that may help, not to mention the shooting and battery life benefits.

As it's a pain to walk around with it may be beneficial to buy a sling bag or similar that you can rest the camera into, lens-down. That way, with the bag open (yet the camera securely strapped to your body) you can grab it whenever needed without the irritation of its weight swinging over your legs and making you (I'm assuming from experience here) walk like a penguin...! ;)

13-05-10, 05:51 AM
i have a lowepro slingshot 200AW witch is big enough for a D80 +18-105DX ED VR SWM ASPHERICAL IF mounted with sunhood, room for four other lenses or stuff , memory cards , cables , top part for the mp3 player and other stuff , i happen to like the bag very much

just an impression what fit in it


the bag is real flexible
here is a link to some of my current and previous gear in the bag.


The nikon D70 has been sold will post pictures of more gear a.s.a.p. there


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29-05-10, 04:32 PM
I have the D5000 + 18-200mm and what I have found to be useful is a Lowepro Bag which I have held around my waist with a belt and shoulder strap around my kneck. Then my camera and lens sit on top of the bag with the camera strap around my neck as well for security. I suppose it would work without a waistbelt as well but I prefer the weight distribution my way.Having said all that my lens is stiff and doesn't creep at all and it's over 2 years old. I believe the new one just has a locking device which locks the lens closed, which I would think is a mixed blessing, having to remember to keep unlocking it.