View Full Version : Help, lense for cherry blossum in Japan??

31-03-14, 08:47 AM
Bought my first DSLR Nikon D3200 the cherry blossum will soon be full bloom and my standard 18 55 lense won't cut it.. can't get close enough and also dosen't seem that clear? can anyone suggest something better. thankyou ps to be honest apart from a stedy hand im not that clued up on these cameras.

31-03-14, 02:32 PM
Plenty of lenses that will do what you ask, it all comes down to how deep are your pockets. Get along to your nearest dealer, tell him what you want to do, and how much you can afford. Then try them in the shop, if you want to specialise in flowers, take a nice bloom with you, to be your subject.

Huw Williams
01-04-14, 03:48 PM
I think that the D3200 might have a macro mode on its mode-control dial. Have you tried it? There are also probably several scene and artistic modes that might be suitable. Try them all before spending on more lenses.

Also try different focal lengths and aperture stops to change the depth of field.

Light is all-important.

It seems like your attempt has been out of focus. Even with your kit lens you should be able to get the flower in focus. Use one-area or spot focus instead of multi-area focus. Move slightly farther away. Whatever it takes.

06-04-14, 12:00 PM
Thank you, the problem with going into a shop is that my japanese isnt that good yet!! if i were back home uk id be fine.. there are are some really good second shops selling lenses here all gauranteed its knowing what to buy.

06-04-14, 12:05 PM
Thanks yes it does have macro mode, i found other settings too! (instructions in japanese) camera in english! Out of focus has been the problem yes! im getting better, its like today at the temple just down the road from surrounded in blossum trees i wanted to get closer and wider! zooming cut the trees out and retracted wasnt close enough.. But macro for the flowers is really good. Thanks for the tips

06-04-14, 01:04 PM
The macro mode on Nikon DSLR's isn't much good unless you are using a macro lens, even then it's best avoided. Your better served using aperture or manual modes. A good lens for your needs would be a Sigma 17- 70 2.8 macro lens. This lens is not a true macro but will give very good close up shots

17-04-14, 09:16 AM
Thanks.. I found a really good and reasonable second hand lens shop here in Japan with an online store (Japan second hand used lens) I found them very helpful ! Ive been experimenting with the settings and got some good results, im not so afraid of it now!!

17-04-14, 04:42 PM
What lens did you get?

01-05-14, 09:18 AM
Hi I bought a Nikon DX 55-200 1;4-5.6G ED ! with a VR switch. incredible results with the childrens faces at school!! inside and out! no fuz and none of that really bright almost white look!! very pleased..

01-05-14, 09:19 AM
will be looking for a macro lens next