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Welsh Scrumhalf
07-03-14, 12:26 PM
Very confused that I very rarely see photographs in Photographic magazines that have been taken using Olympus camera! After 32 + year using Canon film equipment and a bridge camera to understand more about Digital I decided to upgrade to a digital SLR and purchased an Olympus E3, mainly because I though the Spec was good and it was a change from 'run of the mill' Canon (not deriding the brand as it is excellent). However I sometime feel it was not the wisest of moves and should I have followed the pack and gone for Nikon or the Canon equipment so six or so years on.

Open for discussion and guidance :( .

07-03-14, 10:30 PM
Hi Welsh Scrumhalf.
Welcome to the forum. This has often crossed my mind as well, not just with Olympus but also with Pentax . Both of these cameras are very capable of great photographs . My brother uses a Pentax DSLR and some of his shots are jaw dropping. When I went for my first DSLR I was going for a Canon( can't remember the model ) but didn't like the feel of the body, and was looking at the Nikon D60 and the Olympus E1, I opted for the Nikon D60 purely for the touch of the camera and no other reason. Did you make an error in not following with the pack? . Absolutely not... Graham

21-03-14, 01:29 PM
Quite a few of my friends use Olympus cameras and my brother still uses his Olympus film camera. You buy what you like, and if the images are good you bought right. Lots of folks buy by brand for safety. It would be a very boring world if we all did the same, there are four different makers in my camera cupboard.