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23-02-14, 08:13 PM
Hi all

i currently own a nikon coolpix p7700 and wanting to upgrade to a newer "better" camera for low light and overall improved photography.

i have chosen a few cameras that i would buy but don't know which is best mainly for low light photos as i will be using it for concerts in low light 90% of the time i use it

the cameras are:

canon powershot s120
canon powershot g1x
canon powershot g16
sony DSC-RX100

theres also a few things i want to clear up that i don't know about.

does the not so good aperture of the canon powershot g1x make this a bad low light camera? i don't want to be waiting ages for a photo to focus in low light as i'd be using it at max zoom f5.8 is quite bad compared to the nikon's f2.0-f4.0

i mainly want to upgrade as when recording at max zoom sometimes my camera just blurrs everything for a short period of time (to solve sometimes i have to zoom out or move the camera so it focuses on a different area)..weird

another necessity is that the camera must have decent quality when using the digital zoom as these cameras arent as good optical as my nikon and sometimes i even use my nikon with max digital zoom to get the close ups sometimes it still retains amazing quality

here are two good photos i got at one of my latest concerts so you can see what kind of quality i am expecting from these cameras

(the first one is using max digital zoom too, 4x)



25-02-14, 12:46 AM