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16-02-14, 09:24 PM
Wanting to get a decent compact / bridge camera. Have done lots of research, and while the RX100 looks far ahead of the rest, I'd like a better zoom. Now looking at two possible cameras: Panasonic Fz200 and Olympus stylus 1. On paper the Olympus takes a better picture, but has no in camera panorama..quite like one if possible, and the video does not appear to be that good. It does have a constant f2.8 through the zoom though (as does the Panasonic I think). Smallish zoom but ability to expand.

I'm looking to learn a bit more about photography as well as having a point and shoot facility, both these cameras have this, along with the RX100. My wish list is:

Good quality images; zoom; EV if pos. though not a deal breaker; panoramic mode; ability to blur background (is this depth of field that does this?); decent video with good fast autofocus. Relatively compact.

Wanting to take pictures mostly of landscapes and wildlife.

Does anyone have any of these cameras, or can you offer any advice? I'm new to the more advanced type of compact.

Considered compact system for a while but didn't want to get into changing lenses, and the expense of buying them.

I've been researching for about a month and a bit, and hanging on for the latest camera show announcements ...now wanting to make a decision before I drive me, and my other half crazy!

Huw Williams
17-02-14, 10:06 AM
I've never had an Olympus but the Stylus 1 would tempt me very much because it is compact and versatile and has a very nice form factor. It also seems to be reasonable value for what you get.

17-02-14, 01:40 PM
Thanks Huw. Went to look at one today and it is a really nice camera with a stunning viewfinder. One annoying thing - it doesn't have an in-camera panorama...you can do a panorama but you have to stitch shots together in a photo program. don't know why they left this off. I'm still looking at the less spec sony hx50 (or new hx60). Not as good sensor as the stylus, but does have panorama/good video/good zoom etc.

I've discounted the FZ200 as it really is too large for a travel camera. So stylus 1 ahead at this point. Would go for the RX100 but it has such a small zoom.

Anyone else got any of these?

Huw Williams
17-02-14, 02:53 PM
Surprised about the omission of pano stitching in the Stylus1. It is something I use occasionally. My little Fuji and my Sony A57 does it really well and so did my [now sold] Samsung NX1000. The Panasonic G6 does it also but as yet I can't say I've used the feature on it. The Fuji gets most use in that mode.

The Fuji X10 and X20 are excellent cameras but only have a 4x zoom with a digital multiplier that can take it to 8X zoom if necessary. That's 28/112 optical to 228 digital zoom 35mm-camera equivalent. It needs a big pocket too, but it is my favourite camera to use as it is a really well engineered machine that is feature-packed as well as almost being a work of art. But that's just me and my opinion and it might not even make your shortlist for various reasons, including the reason you discount the RX100.

I've seen and briefly used a HX50, which is a fine camera with most of the features you expect of premium cameras of any style. It won't satisfy the pixel-peepers because it tends to over-process the jpegs, leaving them in what most people describe as a 'watercolour' painting type of style. This might be an issue for you or not. Best to read lots of reviews and make your own mind up, but it is not something you will notice most of the time and are very unlikely to at a shop. I like the camera very much otherwise.
I guessed that the excellent FZ200 would be too big.
Have you thought about the TZ40 or 35?

If it is your only camera and if pano isn't a high priority in-camera, then maybe the Stylus 1 would still be in with a chance? One thing is for sure, nobody has built the perfect camera yet that suits everyone all of the time. If it is your only camera, it is probably wise to have it as compact as practical while doing what you want and being within a comfortable budget. If you just don't like it, you will never be happy with it.

Try and get it right first time because, no matter what anyone says, these things cost to change. I've often seen people that are difficult to please, change their cameras one after the other to a less capable one every time because they can't really afford to change and actually upgrade habitually. In their quest for perfection, a quest they will never come to the end of, they end up downgrading instead of upgrading.

17-02-14, 03:52 PM
Yes, I had a look a the Fuji x20 but it didn't make my short-list in the end. Good to know that you are loving it, sounds like a match!

Re HX50. Talking to guy in Jessops and he said it produced really good images that can be enlarged to A2. He used to work in a photo processing place and couldn't believe the quality of the pics, so I'm veering toward that again, especially since it can be picked up for a good price at the minute (due to new model being announced). Not so keen on the 'watercolour painting' thing...though from what he said, the pictures he saw sounded very sharp. Will have to try and chat with a few HX50 owners to see what they say.

Saw the Stylus today again, and it is a very nice camera with an amazing EVF. Looking to see if anyone has some hands on experience with it as to the quality of the photos as this may make up for the lack of decent video (or lack of good focus on the video) and lack of in camera panorama, though would like to hear from an owner that has tried the panorama as to how easy/hard it is to create.

It will be my only camera (at least for a long while) so, as you say, wanting to get it right first go if possible!

Thanks for your info and thoughts on the cameras.

Huw Williams
17-02-14, 10:59 PM
just a heads-up on an Amazon Lightening Deal on the Samsung NX1000 with short zoom and a 24mm equivalent prime pancake lens, starting 10am tomorrow, Tuesday 18th Feb.
Won't know the price until the time it starts, so do your research. If the price is right then there will be some change to buy a nice long zoom. It might not suit you but it is an excellent APS-C sensor compact camera which is very capable. I had one, in white which didn't suit me. If it was black I would probably still have it. The only things you really need to be aware of is that it has not got a viewfinder and that the rear screen is fixed. It is also rather slow to write large files to card. The picture-taking feature set, lenses and image quality are excellent though. If it sells for around 200 to 250 it is a bargain for someone. The pancake lens alone is probably selling for 135 retail. Regular Amazon selling price for this kit is around 465 iirc.