View Full Version : Would like advice on buying a Bridge

24-01-14, 02:44 PM
I'm in the same situation as many people. I am looking at the Canon SX40 price range and it seemes to be the best camera. Better than the HS20/30 and the FZ150.

Only downside I hear from it is that it is a bit slow and can get motion blur, which takes me thinking about going for a FX150...buuut another dilemma that the FZ150 doesn't have nearly as much zoom at the sx40 and zoom is important to me. I want to be able to just see a bird/animal, auto focus quick n get a good snapshot (what everyone want's right?) without having to spend thousands on an SLR.

I'm not sure if there are newer models which are better but not at a super price increase?

I really want something that can shoot quick as I'm shooting wildlife and not still objects but also have at least 30x zoom. I am on a tight budget.

Thanks for any help.

24-01-14, 02:52 PM
Hi and welcome to be honest if its wildlife then you cannot beat a DSLR