View Full Version : Buying a camera this weekend, serious newbie. Please help

22-01-14, 01:00 AM
My camera knowledge goes as for as an Iphone 4

I'm going travelling to Thailand/Japan/Australia Alone and would love to make some videos to keep myself occupied and always have something to look back on (if i come back)

I think underwater recording is a must for me, so i have been looking at GoPro's but they just dont seem to worth the price, I've also had a look at Sony's action cam but this is only because the little research ive done suggested

I'd like something HD 10mp + that i can make youtube videos with that is waterproof or comes with a waterproof case, picture stability would also be nice.

Really appreciate the help, will post the youtube videos here after i am done

Huw Williams
24-01-14, 07:39 PM