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28-12-13, 03:06 PM
after couple of years photographing motorbike racing with varying degrees of success , ive finally come to the conclusion I have to upgrade . im currently using a canon eos 550d and tamron 70-300 4-5.6 tele macro lens .would I be better trading up to 60d or 7d first or maybe a sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens first ? many thanks

29-12-13, 02:55 PM
Your camera is almost certainly good enough, an upgrade to the sigma lens would be the best idea for me, and always try to get a spot that puts you closest to the action.

29-12-13, 05:45 PM
I would look at the faster lens first

30-12-13, 10:51 AM
I would say the 550d is very capable i use it myself but i have it coupled with a 70-200Lf4is and this lens has made all difference to my bird pictures. not sure if you need f2.8 but maybe the 100-400L would be a better lens for motor sport, depends how close you are really. as for upgrading the cameras you have suggested a have the same sensor as your 550d the 7d will get a better frame rate. if its a body the 70d is a better bet, but i would get a lens first.

as they are expensive what i would do is look to hire for a weekend so that theres no mistake and you can see what the results would be

30-12-13, 12:29 PM
The AF and frame rate of the 7D are far superior to the 550D, so if you feel that's where your problems lie, upgrade the camera. You won't get any improvement in actual image quality, and focus speed will be limited by the lens ultimately. I used the first version of the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 EX HSM for sports, but it's not as quick as the Canon 100-400 when it comes to focus speed, so unless later versions focus faster, I wouldn't really recommend it as the ideal choice.

11-01-14, 06:00 PM
thanks guy , got lens and it has made a great difference .

11-01-14, 07:30 PM
Good to hear the advice was good. Please put up some shots with the new lens....Mike