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24-09-13, 06:06 PM
Just sold my Nikon 70- 300 lens, nothing wrong with it I found it to be a great lens, I want something with a bit more zoom . I'm looking at the Sigma 120- 400 ( around 650) and the Tokina 80 400 (around 500), anyone know any thing about these lenses?. Thanks ... Graham

25-09-13, 07:38 AM
I would add the sigma 50-500 and the 150-500

25-09-13, 06:21 PM
Thanks wave

29-09-13, 08:30 PM
Hi Graham I have the Sigma 120-400 and can fully recommend it. Very good lens easy to use hand held, and sharp enough for me to near full zoom. There is only one image on this site where I used the lens it is titled Sleepy border girl. Regards Mike.

01-10-13, 04:45 PM
Thanks Mike,just going for a look

04-10-13, 09:37 AM
Long distance shot with the 120-400 sigma lens, only noticed it today Graham unfortunately my notes dont say if the 2x converter was fitted. posted in the Landscape section...Mike.

04-10-13, 10:01 AM
Sorry Graham as soon as i posted image I could see no converter fitted...Mike.