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08-09-13, 04:01 PM
hi everybody I was wondering if anybody could help me with my problem, I have just bought a new opteka 650 - 1300 f/8-16 super telephoto zoom lens for my camera ( Nikon d3100 ) but when fitted every pic I take is just pure black any help would be greatly welcomed

thanks in advance

09-09-13, 08:25 AM
i dont think this lens is automatic so you have to adjust it manually

09-09-13, 02:55 PM
You see plenty of these for sale second hand, I can't believe they even make a 2 x convertor for it. you will need a lot of bright light, or a very long exposure to record anything with it. Most people think they are for taking images of light filaments at long distances, pass it on and get a sigma 120-400 lens.

11-09-13, 05:35 PM
Hi Welcome to the forum.
This is a slow manual focus lens, to get the best out of it you will need to put it on a tripod, give it a long exposure.Good luck... Graham