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07-09-13, 06:42 PM
So I guess like a lot of others I'm looking for help with what to buy! I would love a dslr but they are out of my price range and just too much for me to commit to as I'm just beginning! 200 is probably the very top of my budget

I have been looking at bridge cameras as they seem like a halfway point but in my price range but I'm really keen to make the most of my budget.

Any suggestions? or am I just blinded by how exciting they look when in fact something else would suit me just as well?

I'd really appreciate any guidance!!

Huw Williams
08-09-13, 09:58 PM
An barely used Sony HX20V advanced compact would come within budget. Or a Panasonic TZ30 perhaps.

Don't underestimate these compact cameras, which have the same size sensor as bridge cameras in general while having very similar and sometimes superior features. Picture quality and zoom are also directly comparable, with the added bonus of being pocketable.

But perhaps you feel that bigger is better and makes a better impression on others? Regardless of that, if its a bigger camera that you feel you want, nothing else will probably give you ownership satisfaction, so buy what feels right for you.

09-09-13, 07:12 AM
hi what do you want to take pictures of it will help us to try and point you in the right direction

09-09-13, 05:29 PM
Thanks for your help, I will definitely look at what you suggest!!


09-09-13, 05:32 PM
I really want to just find my feet at first and see what I enjoy

At the minute I really enjoy taking macro pictures of just parts of things, like seeing a tiny part of life...

I want to see what else I enjoy, I quite like the scenery around me, but I will obviously use it for general day to day picture taking too...

does that help?


Huw Williams
09-09-13, 08:12 PM
I thoroughly recommend you watch a good selection of youtube videos by Graham Houghton. His speciality is in videos showing how to get the best from compact and bridge cameras. It might surprise and delight you.


Follow this video tutorial series to start with. I'm sure you will find them interesting. Other, more sophisticated and advanced models are also covered on his channel, including detailed tutorials on the HX20V and Panasonic TZ30 among others. There are also some lovely slideshows to see.


Nigel Atherton
10-09-13, 03:02 PM
If you’re considering photography as a hobby a DSLR would be the best choice. While fine for snaps the versatility and image quality of a bridge are not comparable. If the only thing stopping you is budget why don’t you consider buying secondhand? There are some great bargains out there and if you buy from a dealer you’ll get a warranty. For example, at the time of writing you could get a Canon EOS 400D with 18-55mm lens from Camera Jungle (http://www.camerajungle.co.uk/product/100026/canon-eos-400d-body-dslr-camera.html?priceto=500&pricefrom=0&yearto=9999&yearfrom=0&keyword=Canon%20EOS%20400D%20Body) for about 180. Or a Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm lens for 199 from London Camera Exchange (http://www.lcegroup.co.uk/Used/Nikon-D3100-%3D18-55_78957.html). Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B004ZKHAWM/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1378824609&sr=8-1&keywords=panasonic+lumix+g3&condition=used) has a Panasonic G3 for 205. All were very good and popular entry level models not so long ago (two are still current) and would be a much better choice than a compact or bridge.

10-09-13, 08:58 PM
I hadnt even thought of that as a possibility! What a great idea! Thanks... there are just so many options haha