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17-08-13, 08:55 AM
Hello. It's been great taking photos.. First I started with the simple standard 18-105mm lens.. Then I went into the zoom lens with a 70 - 300.. I then purchased a 105 1-1 F2.8 macro lens.... After which I purchased a 150-500mm.. I'm now going to buy a wide angle lens. Been thinking what to buy. So far the options that have come to mind after basic research... 8-16mm or 12-24... Which would be the best?

I'm a nature and building photographer..

Photography has been an interesting development over the last 2 years. Just as I get comfortable with one type of lens I see a photo the expires me to another direction.. But still in the same area of nature and buildings.

I some how don't have the attitude for people photography.. I find nature actually easier and more calming, even when rushing around trying to take a photo of a venomous snake is easier than taking a photo of a child posing for a parent shot.

Getting back to the original.. I have the budget for one.. I love scenery photos and taking photos of buildings both internal and external. Also I would like a wide angle for wildlife scene.. example a group of birds nesting in trees

What would be the best wide angle lens..? (Or should I chose another option...?)

Thanks in advance.. I look forward in reading them..

Huw Williams
17-08-13, 06:40 PM
Haven't you got all your zoom bases covered? Plenty of lenses suitable for the 'group of birds nesting' I'd have though.

Perhaps a prime lens would be the next step. For an APS-C sensor camera I use either a 20mm or 35mm prime reasonably bright lens. The 35mm lenses in particular tend to have very high quality imaging properties at a reasonable price. Since you already have a zoom that goes 18mm wide angle, how much further wide do you want to go? If that is your chosen route then your answer is clear, but unless those birds are nesting within a few yards of you, they will appear very distant and small.

18-08-13, 07:20 PM
When I first started thinking wide angle, my choice was the Nikon 12-24 f4.0 Lens. Five years on I have no plans to change it is a brilliant lens and has never let me down, it is always with me. There are so many choices now many are probably better but I won't change...Mike.

18-08-13, 08:24 PM
Thanks.. I think I gave the wrong example..

Only a few weeks ago I was in a small church. My friend has a Cannon and I have a Nikon. My friend was able to take a photo that was able to capture the inside of the building, were as my 18-105mm lens was not able to capture the inside and from the position I tried to take a panoramic photo but was unable, I failed..

My friend had a wide angle lens that was able to capture the whole view with good detail.

Thanks Huw and Hartley for the feed back..

Thanks Pete

19-08-13, 08:20 AM
thats the beauty of a DSLR you can get the right lens for the right job. questions i would ask myself is how often would i need it and if that answer is a lot then i would check out the sigma 10-20 they do 2 types so check them out

19-08-13, 10:41 AM
I agree with wave ... Graham