View Full Version : DSLR to replace Nikon F801s

16-08-13, 06:53 AM
I have been left a Nikon AF F801s with an amazing set of lenses. However, it is such a long time since I have used 35mm film and would like to update the body for a digital Nikon. Any suggestions?

16-08-13, 07:26 AM
hi and welcome i think the lenses should be compatible it whether they will auto focus.

Huw Williams
16-08-13, 03:13 PM

16-08-13, 04:10 PM
This was a very capable camera in its day, but must be 23 years old now, many of the lenses would fit a new digital Nikon but if you aim to go digital I would start from new. Unfortunately not of great value now but expensive when new. I would hang on to it for a while and see if you get into Photography The equipment will serve you well when used with film....Mike.

16-08-13, 05:28 PM
Hi EEm welcome to the forum.

Your lenses will work on any Nikon DSLR, they won't auto focus and likely won't meter either. The Nikon D7000 and the D7100 however, will allow you to meter your shots but you will still need to manual focus... Graham