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14-08-13, 08:22 PM

Firstly I know nothing about cameras lol, I'm not even sure if I can get a decent compact for under 150, but that's my budget, so i'm hoping so. I'd like a camera that does both good close ups and good distance, and as I said I know nothing about cameras so not sure what I should be looking for, or steering clear of, any advice or recommendations would be great, Thank you

15-08-13, 07:39 AM
hi and welcome what i would start doing is look at the reviews here set up with low to high price it will give you a starting point to get some information and get a shortlist to think about

15-08-13, 03:45 PM
Welcome to the forum. The Olympus SZ-14 is worth looking at, it is a 14 mega pixel camera with a long zoom(24X) and does great macros. The image stabilstion is spectacular . I bought one a few weeks ago from Tesco's for 115, as a carry aroung camera, and can't get away with it's image quality in good light. Doesn't have many manual controls though, just ISO and whit balance... Graham

15-08-13, 05:07 PM
Hi Donnab my Mrs just bought a Nikon S6500, Its 19 above your budget but I have been truly impressed with the quality of its images it does everything you want and is simplicity itself if you leave it in auto, but when you get your confidence it has manual features it was on special offer in Argus at below your budget...Mike