View Full Version : Nikon 18-105 vs 18-200

03-08-13, 12:58 PM
Hi all, looking for some advice and feedback from others' experiences. I have a Nikon 18-105mm VR lens, which I bought to bridge the gap between the 18-55 kit lens that came with my camera (D3000) and the 70-300mm VR that I bought (most of my photography is motorsports or wildlife, hence the big zoom). The 18-105 works OK, but I find it's slow to focus compared to the bigger lens, which is a bit of a frustration when trying to shoot fast moving subjects.

Can anyone with experience of the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens tell me how the focus speed is on that, as I'm wondering if I should try one of these instead of the 18-105 (birthday and bonus money burning a hole in my pocket at the mo!).

06-08-13, 08:31 AM
hi let me understand you have an 18-55, 18- 105 and a 70-300. be honest i am not a nikon guy but why have another lens that covers from 18 up to 200. you have 18-55 covered the rest of the work you do needs long lenses so maybe a 2x converter for the 70-300 maybe change that for something longer say a sigma 150-500