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23-07-13, 02:27 PM
Hello All. I'm just about to join the DSLR life after moving on from my Bridge camera.
I'm looking to buy the Canon 650D as I'm off to the USA to do some sight seeing... but I'm wondering what other lens I'd need to take good pictures around the cities ?
Is the 18-55mm ok or should I go for the STI kit and get the 18-135mm ? I'm not really looking to do video on it

Any help, advice, tips or tricks I'll be happy to listen to

Many thanks


24-07-13, 10:35 AM
Hi and welcome what you get depends on what you want to take shots of. a good starting point would be 18-55 plus a 55-250is and a 50 1.8. i would also suggest that you invest in an external flash too

Steve Cole
11-08-13, 08:21 PM
I would take 18-55 mm, for the 1st time it's enough:)