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22-07-13, 10:45 PM
Hi all,

I'm in the market for a compact camera. I've never owned any sort of camera before the only thing I have currently which I can take pictures with is my Samsung Galaxy s3, I'm a bit of a tech lover and i'm kind of surprised myself that I haven't splashed out on a camera yet! But now I have the excuse to get one. I'm planning my first trip abroad in the next few months and would love to take some pictures back home as memories. I'm pretty sure a compact camera is the way to go as I imagine i'll only ever use it for holidays and travel.

Earlier today I was pretty much set on the Sony HX50, but then stumbled across the Lumix TZ40 which seems like a very popular compact. I have no experience in cameras and only know little bits of info from what i've read on the internet over the past couple weeks so I was hoping for some advice.

I guess what i'm mostly looking for is;
A camera with a decent zoom
Something that is great for travel.
One with wifi, I plan to send the photos right across to my Ipad, which I assume you can do with both of the cameras i've mentioned above?
One that is simple for a beginner to use

I'm not sure how suited the ones i've mentioned are for what i'm after, maybe there's a compact camera which would be more suited for my needs that I don't even know about which you can recommend. I don't really want to spend much more then what the Sony HX50 goes for (260). I don't plan on doing anything special with the pictures. I don't own any editing software, I just want to be able to have high quality pictures which look great when printed and put in an album or displayed on my iPad. Any help is greatly appreciated because as i've said, i'm a novice and new to the world of photography.

Again, any help/advice is greatly appreciated,


23-07-13, 07:34 AM
Hi and welcome not having used any of these i have looked at a couple of reviews and to be honest the ones i have read favour the tz40. what i would do is go and try them see how they handle. you would then have to compare with your smart phone and see if it was worth it.

24-07-13, 11:10 AM

I agree that you should look around and find reviews on compact cameras but it seems that Sony have a bigger range of compacts to choose from

I have found a good site with a big range of cameras to choose from here http://thebestdigitalcameratobuyonline.com/tag/sony/?s=compact

Hope you find what you are looking for - Enjoy your planned trip

Happy snapping! :D:D:D

24-07-13, 08:17 PM
Thankyou both for your replies. I do plan on going into Jessops this weekend, I know the Hx50 is in there on display, I had a brief go it the other day but I mainly went in to try the Samsung cameras! I've moved on since then though. So i'll definitely give the Hx50 a go, and I hope the Tz40 is in there too, so I can compare!
A couple of things I just wanted to add, I've been looking some more the last couple days and a lot of people say about the Hx50 not being very good because there's too many pixels for such a small sensor. Does this really effect the image quality on printouts and displayed on monitors/screens and what not?
Also, the sony is now cheaper on Amazon then the Lumix (There's a 30 amazon credit promo on) Would this sway anyone to get the sony instead?
Any help is still appreciated as i'm still undecided what to go for and I really want to pick something up within the next couple of weeks. Also, I've decided the Wi-fi probably isn't as necessary. I think it'd be nice to have but if there's a camera that can take better pictures, is around 250 and doesn't have wi-fi, I think that one would have priority.

Thanks again. :D

25-07-13, 06:51 AM
hi not sure what else i can add there is a thread on dpreview that covers the the question you asked maybe worth a read

28-07-13, 10:58 PM
So I tried both cameras out yesterday in-store. I asked someone who worked there which one he'd recommend and he said the sony, hands down even at the extra cost. Right now on Amazon they have a 30 amazon credit promotion on the Sony, which is ideal because you can use that 30 to put towards a memory card and what not, this technically makes it cheaper or around the same price as the Lumix. When I tried both in store I found the Sony to be more user friendly. As I said, i'm far from a camera expert and it was really hard to test image quality in a shop but just the ease of use of the sony instantly drew me towards it. I've seen plenty of sample images from both cameras online and to be honest, the difference is minimal. I have placed an order on Amazon for a Hx50 and I hope i've made the right choice, needless to say, i'm very excited to get my new gadget and have a play!

Thank-you for your advice