View Full Version : Compact Digital Camera - with great video AND sound quality?

20-06-13, 07:50 PM

My first post, and I hope to get some useful advice from the forum.

Over the last few months I've been to a number of live music concerts, ranging from full blown stadium outdoor gigs (Emirates London) to indoor slightly smaller venues (O2 Shepherds Bush Empire).

Where it's allowed I do like to video some of the gigs for my own pleasure.

In most venues (even where you are allowed to film, or at least they don't stop you) you are not allowed to take in 'proper' cameras, they don't mind mobile phones with photo/video capability or compact digital cameras, but not DSLR's or dedicated video cameras.

Because of this I initially shot some video just with my smartphone - the quality was 'just' OK - not brilliant, but not too awful. The big let down with using the mobile was the recorded sound quality. The AGC just couldn't cope and the sound quality and volume was all over the place.

So I decided to try my Panasonic Lumix digital camera, which has a 720p video capability. This worked much better, the sound was much better, and the video too, though could be better.

So, the point of my post on here is to ask if anyone has any experience of using a compact digital camera's video mode to shoot some video at gigs in both day/indoor situations and whether there was a 'stand-out' camera that really nailed this, coped with the lighting, had a good optical zoom, great sound recording and you were very happy with.