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14-06-13, 11:49 AM
Hi all.

First time here so greetings.

I have a Sony A230. It's not the most spectacular of cameras but for family / local scout group pictures it gives good enough results. However, it took a knock and now the CCD is misplaced. The image I get is a little to the right and up from what I see in the viewfinder. Also, I get occasional errors where the shutter seems to only partly close and I get a message on the screen saying "Camera Error". An image is recorded but it's black.

I've had vague estimates for repair locally, about 170. The camera sells, working, on ebay for a range between 55 (body only) and 160. Currently there are 40 of them on eBay. With no faulty ones listed that I could see so the chance of selling this for more than 20 if at all seem remote.

I want to stick with Sony because my wife and I have several lenses that fit. It seems that my options are:

1 - Buy a new Sony. They seem to start with the SLT A58 at about 3-400. Will this take the older Minolta lenses? I need to research this a lot more.

2 - Buy a used Sony. I like the look of A700's on ebay. 200+ should get me a decent body and it has excellent reviews.

3 - Get the A230 repaired. Hmmm, for that money I'd rather go with option 2.

4 - What is involved in a home repair? I have been looking for a manual that shows how to strip the A230. I know a clean room is needed and probably special tools. But so far no manual. User guides, yes, but no service manual. Can I get one somewhere and is there more than a 20% chance I might improve the CCD location?

Thanks for reading this wall of text. Keep snapping.


14-06-13, 07:52 PM
Hi MikeB Welcome to the forum.

This is really a no brainer it's got to be 1 or 2. If you go for option 2 try and get a refurbished camera from Sony, rather than getting on from Ebay, you get a quality camera with a warranty

This is a link for Sony manuals http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/DSLR-A230/manuals Hope this helps... Graham

15-06-13, 12:02 AM
Hi Mike,
There's a used Sony A700 on Amazon for 309, its being sold by Photoventure and is fulfilled by Amazon.
All The Best

15-06-13, 06:58 AM
i would go option 1