View Full Version : Can any one help me? Has any body purchased anything from procamonline.co.uk?

04-06-13, 05:30 PM
Hi, newbie here, not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place! I'm not very advanced in photography but love taking photos so decided to treat myself to a Nikon D5200. I found a great price at www.procamonline.co.uk and they had a spring discount on too, 10% off. So, I thought great and went ahead and ordered it Thursday (23rd May). They've take my money but as yet no camera and no replies to my emails either. I was just wondering if anybody else has purchased from them if so how they got on? :(

04-06-13, 06:02 PM
Hi Fuzzybear
Sorry I've never used pro camera, if there not answering your emails could you not give them a call... Graham

04-06-13, 06:04 PM
Thanks for replying Graham. I have already tries that, it's a 0800 number and that get diverted to a mobile number and I have left messages on the voicemail.

04-06-13, 06:22 PM
not heard of them. i cant not find any reviews on them

04-06-13, 06:41 PM
No I couldn't find any either - just wish I'd done more research before I placed my order.

05-06-13, 06:32 AM
I would contact your card company now see what can be done