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10-05-13, 05:24 AM
Alright, so i am thinking about getting a "Canon EOS REBEL T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 3-inch Touchscreen and Full HD Movie Mode (Body Only)" with a lens, i just can't decide on the lens yet.

I would like the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens because i love how wide it is for landscape and etc. but at times i will be vlogging with it. In other words, holding it out in front of me at arms length and talking to the camera. Any advice on what face distortion will be like doing this? or is 2 feet far enough away to eliminate the face distortion.

Also how shaky will the footage be coming from it. that is another reason i want wide angle, less shakiness in the footage.

Chris Cool
10-05-13, 04:58 PM
Hi and welcome to the UK WDC site. We could do with some of your warm weather over here :)

Because the Rebel T4i uses an APS-C sensor, it has a Focal length multiplier of 1.6, so the 35mm end would in fact be 56mm (in 35mm film equivalent terms), so a couple of feet should be OK. Far better to use something like the Quik Pod http://www.quikpod.com/dslr.html

As for video stabilisation. Have a look at this video to see it working. Canon EOS REBEL T4i / Canon 650D UK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O0gFrYtjHg 1080p 30fps is fine for filming yourself as people won't notice the scenery jumping a bit. It's also OK for following the action and tripod mounted slow panning. But 1080p 60fps is a different ball game (or 60i is good enough to playback on a computer) and will allow smoother panning (whilst hand holding) of say a scenic view, row of buildings etc.

I have the Panasonic TZ40/ ZS30 compact camera for my videos cos of the new 60fps and 5 axis image stabilisation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEaBJvILIeg

Cheers and have a nice day :)