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28-02-13, 08:15 PM
i need some advice please
in 6 months time iam going on a dream holiday to south africa and need to buy a good camera to record this once in a lifetime event.now i know very very little about cameras the only camera i have is a 5millon pixel point and shoot samsung which is not going to be up to the job,as we going into the bush and iam sure the wild animals are not going to be walking up to me!
so i need something that is easy to operate [can you get a automatic good camera?]
something that i can fit a longer lense to
i also go to watch classic car raceing so if it can take pictures of fast stuff then that will be a bonus
so any advice in what to look for,what models etc,how many pixells i need etc will be welcome.
not sure on budget but say up to about 500 for the camera then i worry abot the lense price later
please rember that i am a novice and have no experince
thanks very much

01-03-13, 08:11 AM
hi and welcome as you were kind enough to put your history down may suggest that you may not need a camera with inter changeable lenses but a good bridge camera with an all in one lens. try looking at panasonic fz200, canon sx50 sony hx200v.

01-03-13, 03:03 PM
Hi Welcome to the forum
I agree with wave I think a good bridge is what you need, I don't think changing lenses in the bush would really be a good idea, wave selection of cameras is also good, you could also look at the Fuji hs50 and the nikon p510, this camera has been updated, but is still a good camera

01-03-13, 06:51 PM
thanks wave and graham going to read some reviews and see what they say.
so a bridge camera is a fixed lense [see iam learning]read a review of the canon as i thought with the big lens it would be the best but there seams to be a few issues in its use with the lens on max.

02-03-13, 04:25 AM
Hi everyone. I'm also new to all this & in a similar situation to 'dollshouse'. Holiday of a lifetime in a month, left it late I know! I'm going to Orlando Disney with the whole family & need a camera. Looked at the recommendations of 'wave' & they look a bit big for what I want to carry round. Could you recommend anything good on the compact camera side of things or anything else? I'm going to be walking a lot & going on rides etc.

Sorry to hijack this thread :)

02-03-13, 10:44 AM
Hi yoyo, welcome to the forum
It would help us if we new your budget

02-03-13, 11:58 AM
Hi yoyo i go to disney a lot and i carry a DSLR with me and to be honest it not that bad. the trouble with compacts is you may well miss the shots you are after. the cameras that graham and i have selected are really good all rounders

Chris Cool
02-03-13, 12:07 PM
The most important part of a bridge is the light gathering power of the lens. The Panasonic FZ 200 stays at F2.8 throughout the zoom range meaning you can shoot in lower light and higher shutter speeds. Its 24 x zoom can be increased to 60 x zoom if you lower the Mega Pixels which will still give you A4 prints if you want.

The Panasonic FZ200 is a no brainer in my book - just geddit! :)

11-03-13, 07:40 PM
well ive been looking around and iam going to stick to my guns and buy a camera that i can swop lenses on.the reason for this is because it will be more flexable and i really like the idea of a monster lense [dont like the price of them but we will see]
the camera that iam leaning towards is the cannon 600 which is top of my budget
now i have a couple of questions that i need a bit of help with
1=how many pixels do i really need? is it true you only need more than 8 million if you doing big pictures
2=what sort of sd card will i need?
3=got to budget for a bag as well[anything else i will need?}

12-03-13, 08:12 AM
hi the 600d is a great camera but also look at the 650d it has come down in price and has the latest digic 5 processor.
how many pixels well 18 mp is more than enough and is also good for cropping later
sd card get a class10 sdhc or sdxc. on a personnel note i tend to stick with 16gig cards as going higher if something goes wrong then i dont loose everything
bag i use a backpack type easier to carry and a black rapid strap this very much easier to carry.
lenses i have 17-70os sigma and a 70-200L is f4 plus a 50 1.8 these go everywhere with me. the one thing i have learnt is you tend to get what you pay for there are a couple of exceptions 50 1.8 is one and if you are on a budget the 55-250is is another. if you are going on a safari then you will need a long lens and they are expensive so go try it out as they are heavy too.
you will need a tripod or at the very least a monopod

all that said you will need to learn how to use a DSLR to get the best out of it as they perform better in the creative modes, also shoot RAW as this gives you a chance in post processing of some recovery. if you go the route of interchangeable lenses make sure that you get an optical view finder they focus quicker.

i am not trying to turn you off a DSLR but please go and try one out and consider lessons or joining a camera club but most of all enjoy your trip

12-03-13, 06:08 PM
That's sound advice

19-03-13, 12:01 AM
thanks for all the advice [its a minefeild out there]
well been looking at thanks to wave i was really looking at the 650 but now i have another problem
what do you folks think about buying second hand
ive got a chance of a canon 400 with a 18-55 lense and a 50-300 telephoto lense comes with a bag,leads ,instruction,battery,charger etc all in needs is a sd card and the price is 300 pounds.both lenses are canon with the telephoto only a couple of months old.
going to read some more reviews now.

19-03-13, 10:16 AM
If your thinking on a second hand camera , the first question to ask is "how many autuations is on the camera"

19-03-13, 11:16 PM
If your thinking on a second hand camera , the first question to ask is "how many autuations is on the camera"

wow !a new word for me"autuations"
so not haveing a clue what it ment a bit of reserch was called for and acording to my findings its a posh way of saying wear and tear!
things like the shutter only have so many thousands of clicks in them befor they wear out and cause proplems,but seeing as thecamera dosnt have a counter on it its a bit of a gamble
but its a good point {thank you) and its something i hadnt thought of.

20-03-13, 10:56 AM
No it's easy to find out . For most canon cameras this lihk will help you

20-03-13, 12:44 PM